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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ex Husband Homeschool Frustraition

Well ex husband isn't a bad dad. But there are a lot of things I DONT like about him. Which really most of the time doesn't effect anything anyway so no big deal.
I get My Little Man 1 weekend a month, 1 not 2 or more. Ex husband gets him 3 a month. Also 1 day where if My Little Man were in public school he would get dropped off by ex husband and picked up and in the evening get dropped off back at home.
But then we don't public school. SO initially I sent school work to be completed at ex husbands house. NOPE, that didn't happen. Then after a month or 2, I complained and make up scripted lesson plans. NOPE I complained and would call up ex husbands wife to explain the lessons and when ex husband came to pick up My Little Man I would go over then with him. Ex husband was uninterested. Less than half of the school work would get done. Finally  about 4 months ago he says "What time do you usually eat lunch?" "About 1" "How about I pick him up at that time so you can do most of his school work on that Saturday before." "OK"
He said he would do the rest of the work with him, did he? NOPE But he does pick him up at 1 on that 1 Saturday a month.
When I try talking to him about what we are doing for school he is inattentive and uninterested. And YET!, he complains because he thinks we are using that Saturday as a play day. He all but says I am stealing his time. >< If he would participate in My Little Man's education he would know why we do what we do. My choices in educating My Little Man are not about what ex husband likes or dislikes. They are about what is best both long and short term for My Little Man.

Inshallah 1 thing is for sure, I will not apologize for my choices for My Little Man's education. I do not have to prove to his dad, anything.

On top of all this he chooses to confront me in a hostile way in front of My Little Man, at a public event, outside in a crowd, with my husband dumb founded.

I stood there thinking "You suck. I am not going to argue. You suck. I am not going to argue. You suck. I am not going to argue. You suck. I am not going to argue. ...."

His pupils were tiny.

Over the past year or two he has been increasingly tactless and emotional when confronting issues in regards to My Little Man. I don't know what his problem is, nor do I care. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

What We're Up To Today

We practiced math facts, studied sabr and wrote about Nuh. Oh and My Little Man is doing a half day of fasting mashallah.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So whats the plan?

I need to

  • decide what I will use for IS curriculum
  • decide if I will use a reading text book or not and if not do I want to use Islamic books as a main text? Do I want to use anything as a main text?
  • make a pacing guide for myself including all subjects
  • coordinate all the materials

Here we go again

Well I have had a month off and am read to prepare for next school year inshallah. This time I want to try to coorinate all the curriculum. So in Islamic Studies he might be learning about Al Qadr and in Arabic he might learn related words. In math the problem of the day might be Zain said Alhumdulillah 3 times for each finger on his right hand, then he did it again. How could you figure out how many times he said it? In science he might learn about the life cycle and his spelling words might be whatever, befalls, yourself, something, therefore, indicates, preordained, knowledge, somewhere, anyhow, certainty, preceded. He might have writing asignments like Write a paragraph telling about Al Qadr. Write advise to someone who has to move far from their friends. Finish the story Ahmed won a swim pass. He loved swimming so he told all of his friends over and over about it. All his friends were getting jealous and angry except Bilal. Ahmed's friend Bilal won a bike. Bilal.....
For PE that week maybe My Little Man would do things like jumping jacks while reciting an ayah pertaining to the Qadr of Allah.
Anyway thats what I would like to do, inshallah. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

We took a break then began a much more relaxed approach. Starting in May our area has loads of activities for kids to do many for free. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We are running on time!

Well English took longer than i wanted but alhumdulillah we are finished on time! Well we are finishing on time that is. I wanted to be done with English by lunch. Out normal lunch time is in 15 minutes and he is writing a sentence in his journal Then we will do a quick wrap up and have lunch. Then some math and science and if we have time Arabic or IS.
Inshallah I do think next week we will be able to have English and math or science done by lunch each day. This I like.

Journal Entry: Bird Poop LOL

Today My Little Man is having a excellent day. He is staying on task and writing with out fuss.
He read Mole and Baby Bird and in his journal I asked him to write about whether or not he would want a pet for a bird and why. This was his response LOL.