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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goals Update

I would like to put a comprehensive guide for Little Baba together inshallah. Right now I am about a month out from my new baby's birth inshallah so I am not saying I'll get far.
Subjects I would want to cover
Islamic Studies
Social Sciences

I would like to have it set up so that he could work independently. Where discussion would be a large focus of non independent work and have a point system built in since he really likes that kind of thing.

I would want it to be simple enough that if he was really engaged in a lesson he could stay there as long as he wanted but also have things very connected as in unit studies.

The goal of the curriculum being to help him develop patterns of behaviour that would help him in life.

Knowing how to teach himself being a primary goal. Recognizing strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to approach and strengthen those being an important part of the process.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pre Homeschool Conference

Tomorrow is my second ever homeschool conference. The first one was a few years ago. I approached it as I tend to do new things confident that there was basically nothing new I would learn. LOL Well I did learn, and from a fundamentalist Christian lady. She said several thing I took to heart, one of which was don't think just because you homeschool that YOU have to be the one teaching your child.The class I thought I would get the most from just confirmed what I already knew.
So this time I am more open minded and half looking forward to it half dreading it. I am looking forward to unexpected discoveries and Little Baba meeting other kids. I am dreading the hassle of taking the baby out, the normal stares and frustrations of a bored 9 year old. I do have a little money that I could spend but I am not planning on it. We will see how it goes.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Well today he's doing something I really think he will benefit from.  He is making an organized list to solve the problem.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fun School

I'd like to make schooling something Little Baba would look forward to.  So I think when he gets home I'm going to ask him,  inshallah,  if he would rather do Fun School or regular.  He'll say fun school of course.  Then I'll ask him what should the rules for fun school be? We'll write them out on the oversized writing paper we have and then we'll get started.  I think my suggestions will be along the lines of,  when should x y z happen?  Where? How often?  Why? What if this happened then what?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Courage to Relax

Ok that sounds really weird I understand but bare with me. I am typically the person that say, "eh good enough" but with education Little Baba I can behave more like Up-Tight-Cranky-Mamma. I think I have listened to the wasweesu without realising it.
Will his dad and step mom cause havoc if I(fill in the blank)
Will he get taken away if I don't (fill in the blank)
Will he be a failure as an adult if I (fill in the blank)
Will he never (fill in the blank) if I (fill in the blank)
On and on it goes.

One thing about having Itty Bitty Baby is somehow it freed me from this amazing amount of pressure. If I don't get everything perfect with Little Baba, which of course I wont, I can try again with Itty Bitty Baby.
That's not to say I don't try my hardest to get things right but I don't feel like I will be a failure if thing just don't go according to plan.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I think next week, inshallah we'll really get into a new routine, this week is more of a transition.
We got school work done yesterday but didn't get started until lunch. Today we has a slow start but really got going about 30 minutes ago. So far we have done Quran and some IS. He is learning about Al Fatihah. He is practicing his Arabic hand writing for some of the names of Al Fatihah. For example Al Hamd, (The Praise) and Ar Ruqiyah (The Cure).
Inshallah we will read some more to each other, look up the definitions for vast, virtues, and signifies and make picture cards for them. We will order events, and estimate time. Practice our Arabic vocabulary for clothing.
I forget what the next science lesson is, I think its the water cycle. We'll also go to Jumma inshallah. Oh Little Baba will do some handwriting practice and if there more time we'll work an art project.

Little Baba is learning about The Corps of Discovery Expedition.

Little Baba is learning about The Corps of Discovery Expedition. We read Lewis and Clark and Me: A Dog's Tale
You can listen to the book here, read a selection from the book here and do a Quia cloze activity here. There are actually TONS of resources for the book and centered around the expedition. The following is a list of links I found. There's articles, online games and more.

Lewis and Clark and Me links

Newfoundland Dog links
Lewis and Clark Games
Lewis and Clark articles
PBS Inside the Corps: Seaman
Lewis and Clark other

There are of course many many more out there.