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Friday, September 11, 2015

Judgement of MY Homschool Moms

I live in a special community. The women her who are active in the homeschool community are especialy supportive women. We encourage build up and avoid being judgemental. Not to say there has NEVER ben drama. There was twice, once a few months back where for the most part a mom wanted to have a special group that didn't include discussions of online schooling. It has since been pretty much cleared up.
The second was much more serious and very, very sad. This was the loss of several members of the community due to death. These were my friends. Their losses have been felt through out the community. Even for those that didn't know them theyhave been effected by thier loss.
Then there is this situation. A non homeschooling paent of a toddler was at the same park at the same time as the local homeschool park day meet up. This woman didn't like the park, the relaxed parenting style of the moms at the park and she didn't like the idea of homeschoolers being at the park. She wrote an op-ed piece for the news paper where she tried to say she wasn't judgemental, forgiving people for not driving carefuly but that these women were homeschooling "wrong" , had "the warmth of a cobra" and were neglectful in genral. She said she resented "having" to watch the neglected children.
She was talking about MY friends. They are not neglectful, most are relaxed and one is a helicopter parent from this bunch. She accused them of gossip, that REALLY isn't their bag. It angers me that not only was she rude, and slanderous but also she hurt my friends. One of which was so upset by this slander she cried.
Thankfuly all the commenters but one let the author know she was incorrect in many ways.
I fantisise of conftonting the woman saying, "DO you not realise that these women you have slandered are real life women? Do you not see your exageratios and false assumtions are hurtful? Your words are unknd and untrue. Your harmful words make the tough job of parenting and home educating just that much harder. Rather than eavsedropping and judging, how about voicing your concerns directly to the women you accuse of neglect? If you did actual do this you would find loving, welcoming women who are articulte and kind. They could easily tell you how they have found that the park is INFACT a welcome oportunity for learning for thier families. They could tell you how their homeschooled chidren are far more experienced in life than you might assum because they have the oportunity to learn about streams and rivers in REAL life. They could tell you how for their children panicing about a hornet sting does not infect help the situation and they could tell you that you do NOT need to contribute to society by being concerned for their children if it makes you feel resentful. They could also tell you about how they have not only many more years experience parenting than you but actually have many more years experience parenting their particular children and happen t know their stregnths and weaknesses. They could also help educate you on proper social skills for this particular situation,
Yes, these woman could do all this and do it in a kind way if thy had been given the chance. They could have done this but you Sanders, missed out on an oportunity to meet amazing women who are wiser than you know."

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The first go at Work

I hope to have the boys do these activities, or "works" this week :

  • Moving the seats, in silence (practical life).
  • Lacing, buttoning, hooking, etc.
  • The cylinders (sense exercises).
  • To rise and be seated in silence. 
  • To walk on the line.
For Little Baba this would be in addition to Xtra Math, reading, and Arabic. Those not familiar with Montessori might think, "Moving seats"? What BS is this?
I'll explain why I think doing this and other works with the boys is a good idea.
First of all we worked hard for 6 weeks and then took a week off so light work makes for a smoother transition. Secondly all works that are Montessori are presented with precision and logically. Having Little Baba do these things a certain way should help him gain focus. With Littler Baba having him do these things will help him gain independence and grace. And fourth these works should help the boys gain more motor control.
So, moving seats. Here's a link. Here are some details from the link, 

Growth in independence with regard to the performance of the movements necessary for the carrying and placing of the chair without damaging oneself, others, or the chair. 
Coordination of the child’s movement, development of the muscles, and concentration.
Points of Interests 

Looking to see if all four of the legs are pointing to the ground when the chair is lifted."

 The Cylinders 

At this point in time I do not have the cylinders. I DO have foam disks I have cut out that they can use unless I come up with something better. For the moment they are valid substitutions for the first block of cylinders.
Here's a link for this work. 
Direct Visual discrimination of dimensions.
- Preparation for writing; coordination of the fingers used to hold the pencil.
Refinement of voluntary movement. The child will be able to fit the cylinders with one precise movement.
- Preparation for mathematics.

Littler Baba is not strong enough for this yet so I wont have him do this. Little Baba would benefit from building hand strength. 
Direct: Development of independence.
Indirect: Acquiring coordination of movement.
Points of Interests The noise made to indicate the snap has been successfully snapped closed.

They both could use learning how to rise from their chairs without disturbing anyone else.
Direct: To assist the child in coping with the movements necessary for properly standing and rising from a chair.  Indirect: So the child does not hurt himself when sitting by missing the seat of the chair.
Points of Interests Rotating enough to just see the right side of the chair but as to not fall over from this turning. 

Direct: Helping the child work on concentration, coordination of movements and extortion of will.
Indirect: Awareness of their body and building up balance.
Points of Interests Keeping your head up as much as possible to not let the basket fall off. 

It's my intention to have Little Baba do his Arabic in a Three Period Lesson, as described here.

1st Period: Introduction of the names to be learned
2nd Period: Practice associating the names with the objects
3rd Period: Confirmation that the names have been learned

I also hope to get to the first Great Lesson. 
That's a story of the big bang but just enough info to peak the kids interest not any extra. Just get them going kind of thing.

Montessori Madness Indeed!

So I forget what initially sent me off to be curious about Montessori math games but at a gathering for homeschool moms last month a friend who's kids were formerly in a Montessori school brought the stamp game and a rug to show me how it's done. I knew that would be PERFECT for Little Baba.
This in turn sent me on my crazy mission of all things Montessori.
I've read/listened to the audio books of Montessori Today, Dr Montessori's Own Handbook, and am in the middle of The Montessori Method. I made BLUE, things are color coded, foam circles, 10 of them, going from 10 sm down to 1cm. I've invested time searching a thrift store for materials and purchased "practical life materials" as well as things to make "the golden beads" along with buttoning and snapping frames.
Yes, I've invested a lot in this because I actually believe this will work really well for Little Baba and will at the least be useful with Littler Baba and Little Miss.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goals Update

I would like to put a comprehensive guide for Little Baba together inshallah. Right now I am about a month out from my new baby's birth inshallah so I am not saying I'll get far.
Subjects I would want to cover
Islamic Studies
Social Sciences

I would like to have it set up so that he could work independently. Where discussion would be a large focus of non independent work and have a point system built in since he really likes that kind of thing.

I would want it to be simple enough that if he was really engaged in a lesson he could stay there as long as he wanted but also have things very connected as in unit studies.

The goal of the curriculum being to help him develop patterns of behaviour that would help him in life.

Knowing how to teach himself being a primary goal. Recognizing strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to approach and strengthen those being an important part of the process.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pre Homeschool Conference

Tomorrow is my second ever homeschool conference. The first one was a few years ago. I approached it as I tend to do new things confident that there was basically nothing new I would learn. LOL Well I did learn, and from a fundamentalist Christian lady. She said several thing I took to heart, one of which was don't think just because you homeschool that YOU have to be the one teaching your child.The class I thought I would get the most from just confirmed what I already knew.
So this time I am more open minded and half looking forward to it half dreading it. I am looking forward to unexpected discoveries and Little Baba meeting other kids. I am dreading the hassle of taking the baby out, the normal stares and frustrations of a bored 9 year old. I do have a little money that I could spend but I am not planning on it. We will see how it goes.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Well today he's doing something I really think he will benefit from.  He is making an organized list to solve the problem.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fun School

I'd like to make schooling something Little Baba would look forward to.  So I think when he gets home I'm going to ask him,  inshallah,  if he would rather do Fun School or regular.  He'll say fun school of course.  Then I'll ask him what should the rules for fun school be? We'll write them out on the oversized writing paper we have and then we'll get started.  I think my suggestions will be along the lines of,  when should x y z happen?  Where? How often?  Why? What if this happened then what?